_________________________________________________________________________________________ Milagrito Cora, a proud Lawrence homeowner, has been able to take of advantage of both of MCCI’s residential loan programs. Initially referred to MCCI in 2013 by the City of Lawrence’s Community Development Department, she first got MCCI’s Get the Lead Out Loan in partnership with MassHousing.  The 0% interest loan of $ 26,947 covered the cost to remove hazardous lead paint on her multi-family home. 

In 2020, Milagrito discovered the foundation of her building was cracked causing some moist and mold accumulation. To cover the cost of repairing the deteriorated foundation would cost her over $20,000. MCCI was able to step in again to provide a home improvement loan and was able to finance and fix her foundation thanks to the flexible underwriting of the MassHousing Home Improvement Loan program. 

In Milagrito’s own words “I was afraid of losing my home due to not having the funds to repair the foundation. I felt relief that I got some financial assistance through the program. My home has a repaired foundation. I’m glad I could keep my property. MCCI helped me to receive the loan approval to save my home.  Thank you to your financial institution for the lending hand.”

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