Roof Repair Loan Keeps Homeowner in Their Home

2016-04-07Florence ( not her real name) is a low income resident of Lawrence earning $14,000 a year at her job as a kitchen aid at a local school. She lives alone in the home that she was born and inherited from her mother.  Hurricane Sandy remnants caused a tree to fall on her house roof and cause serious damage . The insurance company called it an “Act of God” event and told her she was not covered. The City was about to condemn the house when  a City inspector called MCCI and asked if we could help her. Florence had  no credit but MCCI was able to use alternative credit sources such as church tithing , electric and gas bills and was able to approve a loan of $32,000 to help correct the issues and make Florence’s home habitable again. To date she has not missed a payment and is very happy that MCCI was able to help her when she had no one else to help her stay in her home.

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